Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I surrender! I’ve had enough of winter! I’m ready for spring!

It doesn’t help a bit that it’s February, and 20°F this morning. That’s downright cold for North Carolina. But last week I did order some new raspberry bushes, to be delivered when it’s a bit warmer.

It doesn’t help a bit that it’s the shortest month, when we’re having the longest, darkest nights.

It doesn’t help a bit that the hardest-hitting holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukka, Kwanzaa – are all bundled up together and over with, and now we’re looking right at … Lent. The winter of the church calendar. AAARGH!, as the “Peanuts” characters would lament.

And you should see the Valentine I made this year. No hearts. No flowers. No expression of heartfelt love.

A rhinoceros. Well, it made sense to my friend Carolyn (near Dallas, TX). She responded with a story from her Girl Scout days, when her adult leader sent her a card with a picture of a rhino flying point for a V of geese. It said not to question leadership. Great connection.

But you can have February.

Let there be March!

Or better still, April! April, Sweet April!